Hello 👋 & Welcome
My name is Vignesh
(pronounced wig-nay-sh)

From being a self taught designer to pursuing a Master's degree in design - I’ve created experiences across multiple domains : fin-tech, ed-tech, healthcare, IOT etc. Working, adapting to different environments : from early-stage start-ups (Neointeraction Designs, Tiki) , IT companies (IBM), BYJUS and most recently as a Design Mentor with Avocademy.
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My journey into Design 👣
What sparked my creativity? ✨ 
Funny story (of course), It all started when my Dad brought home a book. 📕 

What was it?
Well, it was just an activity book to connect the dots.

As a kid, I was mind blown by how connecting a few dots could reveal the complete picture. 🤯 
BUT I never thought of it as a career 🤔 
Coming from a family of engineers and South India, the goal was to become an engineer. To be honest I was very inspired by it and so, I along with my twin sister set out on that path. 👣  (Yup, I have a twin sister 👧 )

But then I came across user centric design and I fell in love with it - Technology, analytical thinking, & creative thinking. The perfect balance.
So 28 years later - I still find myself connecting the dots ❤️ 
An engineer turned designer - A cliche? or a niche? Either way, I am glad I found this realm of possibilities.

I believe that through design, I can empower and educate people to live meaningful lives. This means crafting experiences that directly impact people. And I love the intricacies of connecting disparate dots into a unified, exciting story.

As I continue to grow, learn and adapt within this field , I bring a  set of superpowers as well - Systems thinking and Pattern Mapping.
I also value collaborative work because it helps me build purposeful experiences.
Who am I - Really? 🧩
In my free time ⏰
You can find me walking around cities, exploring food places, making seriously bad jokes and meticulously watching anime, basketball and any series that deals with crime, history and action.
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