Hello 👋
Call me "Viggi"

Short for "Vignesh" (wig - nay - sh)

From being a self taught designer to pursuing a Master's degree in design over the past 5 years- I’ve have had the privilege of working on a wide range of design projects, from educational platforms to projects that required a deep understanding of user behavior and interaction patterns. 

Product design


Systems thinking

0 -> 1 Projects


Team Management

My Approach

01. Shared Ownership

I believe in teamwork, whether I'm working solo or with your crew, everyone's part of the process.

02. Design IS Planning

Design is just thoughtful planning. I'm not afraid to ditch an idea and try new ones – the more, the better!

03. Fast & Curious

I'm a speedster – quick iterations help us find the sweet spot in our ideas.

04. Systems Thinking

I'm into systems. Thinking inside or outside the box, I like to connect the dots.

05. Bias in action

Action speaks louder than words. I prefer making things you can see over long documents that might get lost.

BUT Who am I - Really? 🧩

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