Disney x Byjus

An engaging educational journey for young minds – a dynamic blend of fun, interactive games designed to foster learning and sustained engagement.

It introduces children to a world of lively visuals, compelling stories, and impactful educational results through our innovative game-based methodology.


games released across India, USA & Canada


Increase in user engagement


decrease in parental feedback


Traditional learning methods weren't holding the attention of young kids, and parents wanted a more straightforward and effective educational solution.The challenge was to blend Disney's stories seamlessly with BYJU'S teaching methods.


6 weeks - Pre production
20 weeks - Production & release

My Role

Research, Information Architecture,
layout & visual design, Interaction design, VSB Team lead.


Content, Pedagogy, VSB, Game Design,
Sound Design

About Byjus

Disney x BYJU'S Early Learn app offers personalized, interactive games, & videos featuring Disney's timeless stories and games across subjects like english, math and science for the age group of 3 to 8 year olds.


The need for this project stems from the imperative to address the challenges faced by the previous version of the Disney x BYJU'S games. The decline in user engagement highlighted a critical gap in delivering an effective and enjoyable educational experience for children aged 3 to 7.

Parents expressed concerns about the overwhelming nature of the content, lack of clarity regarding learning outcomes, and a desire for more control over screen time and content access.


of parental feedback & frustration around lack of educational depth, overwhelming content


Decline in user engagement


drop in customer satisfaction

Opportunity area

How might we create a delightful and interactive learning experience for 3 to 7-year-olds, seamlessly integrating vibrant visuals and captivating narratives to enhance engagement and foster effective educational outcomes through our innovative game-based approach?

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Introducing BYJU'S – where the magic of Disney's timeless stories meets the excitement of making Math, Science, and English delightful.

Key Solutions

Immersive Intro & Outro Narratives

Engaging displays featuring concise dialogues and unique IP-related elements to breathe life into the narrative.

Simplified Quizzes

Step-by-step stages to facilitate teaching, learning, & assessment, along with diverse question presentation methods.

Supportive Hint systems

Efficient and straightforward hint systems designed to aid children when facing challenges.


I started by laying down the process blueprint for the product manager to translate my thinking process visually by presenting a sprint roadmap that the entire team followed through.


Play testing the games with children and qualitative interviews with the parents were key to understand needs and behaviors of each stakeholder.

Playtest with children


Overwhelming content, repetitive layouts, lengthy visuals lack the ability to engage students effectively. They were easily bored and distracted, thus resulting in less completion rates


Desires an interactive and enjoyable learning experience through engagement with Disney's timeless narratives and characters without any distractions.

Interviews with parents

"Sometimes, it's unclear whether my kid is truly learning or just playing games."

"The app interface and games are a bit overwhelming for my kid. Simplifying navigation or offering better games would be helpful."

"I'd like more control over screen time and content access"

Pain points

Frustration with the absence of educational experiences that are user-friendly, promote effective learning, and distinguish themselves from typical screen-time games.


Desires an educational experience that is not just a mere screen-time game but rather a solution that is straightforward, conducive to efficient and meaningful learning.

Competitive Analysis

A look into other competitors market, gave us the a medium to compare teaching styles, visuals, gameplay experience and overall depth of the games.


- Consistent navigation & layouts
- Simple UI
- Tap/ drag interactions


- Lacks storytelling
- Repetitive layouts
- Lengthy game stages

Key Insights

Elevating the learning experience at BYJU'S demands a nuanced strategy, encompassing not just technological aspects but also recognizing the unique challenges inherent in fostering cognitive development through educational solutions.

01. Attention Spans

02. Overwhelming Content

03.Learning Effectiveness

04. Monotonous Gameplay

05. Social Interaction

06. Lack Of Clarity

07. Control Over Screen Time

Tap & drag based games

Engaging in collaborative efforts with the pedagogy, content, and game design teams, we strategically designed tap and drag-based games. This approach was driven by the intention to cater to varied learning styles, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive educational experience for our users.

User flow

For both tap and drag interaction based games, tailoring the user flow involves a careful balance. We dove into the intricacies, sculpting an experience that harmonizes with user actions, be it tapping or dragging.

Style guide

Inspired by the rich tapestry of Disney's storytelling, I crafted a design system that categorized these IPs based on vibrant color themes. This not only brought Disney's distinctive flavor into the games but also added a touch of visual harmony to the educational adventure.


Collaboration, leadership, and effective communication were crucial. The project emphasized the importance of empathetic decision-making and nurturing a positive working culture.


Collaboration and communicating with several different departments and vendors, and making sure everyone was on the same page with the overall idea required me to be extremely patient, show excellent communication skills and lead by example.


Often, showing empathy towards peers, juniors and leadership wasn’t enough. I had to make tough decisions, resolve conflicts effectively, foster a healthy working culture by being compassionate towards others and encourage strategic thinking at all levels.


Communicating the same set of ideas, concept, solutions to different stakeholders in the project required me to improve my emotional intelligence and also learn the jargon for effective negotiation, feedback and approvals.

What Next?

If I were to work more on this today, the trajectory would involve exploring extended user interactions, incorporating additional design considerations, and ensuring inclusivity by crafting the Disney x BYJU'S Early Learn games to resonate with diverse audiences and disabilities.