12 weeks

My Role

Research, Information Architecture,
layout & visual design, Interaction design, VSB Team lead.


Content, Pedagogy, VSB, Game Design,
Sound Design

Clayfin is a leading provider of Digital Banking solutions for Retail, Corporate and SME banking businesses.

In the rapidly evolving digital world, Clayfin assists banks to nurture and grow close ties with customers through a superior and seamless omni-channel experience.

The Problem

Increasing internet penetration and access to low-cost smart phones, has brought about a digital revolution, more so in the digital payment space. Internet Banking has become a mainstay and mandatory to meet customers’ expectations.

Banks are losing out to 3rd party apps for mobile & online payments.

Internet banking in India has an overall penetration of just under 30% , but the user base is only growing at a 27% annual growth rate.

"I wish my bank would understand my financial habits better. It feels like they treat me the same as everyone else, but my needs are unique."

"The sheer number of steps I have to go through for a simple transaction in my traditional banking app is frustrating."

"I only use my traditional banking app for transferring money. Google Pay gives me so much more. I can pay bills, book flights, and even order food"

"The simplicity of third-party apps is what I like. They've taken the hassle out of money management."

Opportunity Areas

After grouping insights from our users, their current journey and competitor analysis, I found the following opportunity areas to focus on getting a better learning experience for our users.

Enhanced user experience

Focus on creating a seamless, user-friendly, and consistent experience across various banking services to attract, retain users.


Provide a sense of security, including two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, to communicate these efforts and gain users' trust.


Offer personalized services and recommendations based on user behavior and preferences to make the platform more engaging.

Information architecture

From the insights, I worked alongside game and sound design teams to create a structure to build the product and hierarchy of the games. This helped in identifying constraints.

Style guide

I created a new design system by refining the brand colors and improving on the CTAs and icons by making them sleeker and modern.

Proposed Solution

One stop dashboard

All the key features and requirements are available right on the dashboard. Say goodbye to layers of flows.

Simplified quizzes

Step-by-step stages to facilitate teaching, learning, & assessment, along with diverse question presentation methods.

Simplified Menu

Efficient and straightforward hint systems designed to aid children when facing challenges.

Outro Experience

Gradual pan and zoom across the image to convey motion and bring closure to the narrative.



This project was my first one in a start-up environment and it was an eye-opener. I was involved in every stage of process and I got invaluable experience in collaborating with other stakeholders, brainstorming as a team, prototyping and creating design system

Working in Small teams

This project was a collaboration with small teams and it taught me how to make quick decisions and the 3 months spent helped in its successful launch.